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For those ready for change, I will be your partner through the journey.

Every day is filled with choices. Some are really easy. Some are made for us, whether we like it or not. And some are better faced with a little help. There are no magic answers and having someone on your side doesn’t always mean you’ll hear exactly what you want to hear. Sometimes it means dealing directly with the hard stuff. And when you are faced with hard choices, you may need support along with meaningful feedback. As your coach, advisor, and advocate, I will provide both.


Offering a full range of services, from initial assessments through the development of goals and support for the execution of those goals, I work with you and for you. Whether you need help with decisions about relationships, career opportunities, health issues, or other life choices, I excel in working with clients who need a broad range of expertise and talent, coupled with a non-judgmental attitude.

I am available for group classes and workshops. Topics include Reinvention, Advocacy, Equity, End-of-Life Decisions, and others customized for your group.

Experience counts - and so does caring



Susan coached me to focus on myself, and not at the expense of others. She helped me overcome insecurities that kept me from being a success at work.
Thank you, Susan!

Would you like to work with a coach?

If you are thinking about working with a coach, it might help you understand what we do. Coaches are:

  • Partners in establishing and achieving personal and business goals
  • Sounding boards when exploring choices
  • Motivational mentors
  • Professionals who provide support while being direct
  • Referees to help clients push the envelope
  • A confidential safe harbor

Know that coaches are not therapists. Therapists are licensed and trained to recognize and work through different issues affecting their clients. There may be times that I suggest you work with a therapist instead.

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